If you've ever driven through downtown Wilmington Delaware, you've probably seen this oddly shaped sculpture standing on the corner of 4th & Shipley. But what a lot of people don't notice is the small unique park that hides behind it. (aka Deltech Plaza) 

After working downtown and driving by for the past 6-7 years, this park started calling to me. So one day last year I decided to stop by (my first time) to check it out and here's what I found...

A forgotten, sad, littered, dark area with dirty brick walkways, muddy grass patches, people passed out on benches and the smell of piss hit me eventually after the wind calmed down. 

It was sad to see and kind of bummed me out that thousands of people drive by here everyday and have no idea this place exists. But I also saw the potential of what it could be.

It's in a great location, right next to Del-Tech School and right off of Market Street & LOMA. A block or so from the Queen Theatre, bank buildings, bus/train station, restaurants, a coffee shop and parking garage. People should be chilling here! Drinking a coffee, reading a book. There's plenty of seating and lots of wall space for artists. The steps are really cool too, and the back of the sculpture could be dubbed as a small stage that faces the park and sidewalk. 

In late June, I called my friend Will Minster from Downtown Visions and invited him walk through the park with me. We talked about it's potential, the vision and the steps we would need to take to change it. (This man is very open minded and has been a big part of downtown's transformation over the years.) Within a week, he got us the go ahead from Parks & Rec. and a meeting with the city and Wilmington Renaissance Corp.  The date, August 12th at 9am was set for park clean up. (I call it a make over & all are welcome to join!) 

I told Will I wanted to rename the park. "HUMBLE PARK" To express equality in the community and it sounded good too. Not really sure if he thought I was serious or not, but he said "cool". 

So, yeah! I've planned 2 summer events, you can learn more about them here. And I will be posting more after HUMBLE PARK'S MAKE OVER on the 12th. Come join us!


UPDATE 8/14/17 ---------- The Clean up was a SUCCESS! 

I was so surprised by the turn out, team work and positivity of this event. It was amazing to say the least and got to meet some great new people. Workers from the city and volunteers from the community joined forces to make this happen & we even got some press out of it! (See below)! We are now working with the City of Wilmington & New Castle County to officially rename  the park. Soon HUMBLE PARK will be official.  There is much more to come! 


It has been crazy over the past few weeks! The comedy show was a hit and KEEP IT COOL was everything we had hoped for. Leading up to the events, I ran into a bit of trouble with the city regarding the HUMBLE PARK decal on the sculpture. The city took it down the very next day after the Comedy Series and I was pretty disappointed since we had another event the following Friday. Luckily I had a friend who had been in contact with the Sculptor a couple years prior and she gave me his contact info. On a whim, I sent out an e-mail explaining the situation asking for permission add a HUMBLE PARK decal to his artwork. 

The next morning I was delighted to find an e-mail from Ric Snead, the artist and architect who holds the key to HUMBLE PARK. He was delighted to hear from me and our efforts and gave us permission to add signage to "PROA" Portuguese for "Sail Boat". We will have more information about Mr, Snead soon.


So the events were a HIT and I can't wait to see what other cool stuff people come up with.  Thank you all for your support and great job! Go to the Humble Park Facebook page for more!